Rujuta Diwekar Diet Plan | Foods & Tips

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10 Responses

  1. indu ashutosh says:

    is this for weight loss

  2. Monalika Pradhan says:

    Hi Rujuta

    I am going to gym from past 6 months however still not lose weight as desired.
    Can you suggest some diet to follow to lose 10 Kg atleast.
    My weight is 65kg and height is 5.4inches. Earlier I was of 53-55 kg.

    • NikitaMayuresh says:

      Hi Monalika,

      You can follow the diet chart that is mentioned in this post and make sure you eat on time.
      It is good that you exercise regularly but along with that keep challenging your body by enhancing exercises.
      Also, be active throughout the day. You will definitely lose excess weight.

  3. Sheetal shah says:

    Hi rujuta
    I m 36 years old and suffering from thyroid problem since last 10 years after my son weight is 65kgs n my height is 5.5inches.can u plz guide me as to wat diet should I follow on daily basis.

  4. Rashi says:

    Hi rujuta I m 41year old. Before 3year of my daughter birth I put on 20kg. My actual weight was 55kg n my height is 5’6 . On daily basis I excersize n I m not foody. So please suggest me. Thanks

  5. Rasmica chaudhari says:

    hello mam , i am 41 year old and i have thyroid and gain weight . can you suggest something for me .Please

  6. Vedantam says:

    Rujutaji, Blessings to you. I am 91 and moving about a little. What should be my diet plan. I keep myself busy reading, browsing and writing to the newspapers under’letters to the editor’ etc., and staying with my son. Evenings- I spend some time with friends

    • NikitaMayuresh says:


      You must include fresh food which is simple, locally available and easily digestible to you. If you cannot eat fruits, include fresh smoothies and eat something healthy at an interval of two hours. Some options for breakfast are fresh upma or dosa, idli etc, for lunch, you can rely on rice and rasam or veg curry or whatever is prepared(fresh), curd. You can include tea in the evening with any homemade snack. Dinner can also be comprised of rice with your choice of dal or veg curry or rasam. And include turmeric milk before bedtime.
      Keep your dinner early and take afternoon nap. If you can walk then walk a little post-dinner(10 to 15 mins). Try pranayamas and meditation with a little walk in the morning.

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