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Perfect Gym Workout Plan for Women and Men

A great-looking body is a dream for almost everyone. The workout is the first and the prominent way to achieve it. However, mostly the things don’t turn out as expected and bring along the...

Health Benefits of Swimming 0

15 Amazing Health Benefits of Swimming

Health benefits of swimming are countless. Swimming is considered as one of the best full body exercises. Exercise is any bodily activity that consists of structured, synchronized and repetitive movements of the different parts...

Skipping Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast 0

Skipping For Weight Loss

Is Skipping for Weight Loss really effective? Can skipping alone help you lose weight? How much do you have to jump rope to lose weight? Can you lose weight by skipping every day? These...

Squat with kick powerful at home exercises for thighs 0

9 Powerful At Home Exercises for Thighs

Exercise is any physical activity or movement that is planned and repetitive so that you can maintain fitness and improve your health. Exercising should become a part of your daily routine just like eating...

Lunges 0

7 Best At Home Cardio Workouts

There are times when we all eat a little extra and gain a little weight. Sure, dieting is one way to get rid of it, but who can resist a good meal? Cardio exercises...

Step Ups Knee Exercises 0

11 Simple Knee Pain Exercises

Knee has one of the complex joints in our body. There are several bones that are joined together at this joint, they are Thighbone (femur), Shinbone (tibia), the knee cap and other bones. Tendons...

Kegel Exercises for Men and Women 0

11 Simple At Home Kegel Exercises for Men and Women

Quite sometime earlier I have come across this word ‘Kegel Exercises’. I thought I have heard about Aerobic exercises, body-building exercises which focussed on weight management, What is Kegel exercises? When I researched about it, I...