Ashwini Mudra How to Do and Benefits

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  1. Sainath C says:

    Good information, I would like to do this in my daily routine.

  2. V Seshadri says:

    Thanks a lot. I suffer from incontinence and I am sure this asana would help me a lot. V Seshadri

  3. tushar says:

    what is the best time of day to do ashwini mudra?

  4. Ranen Bhanjo (Male) says:

    I am an old man of 65 years. Residing in Calcutta, India. I have pacemaker implanted 5 years ago. I have Osteoporotic collapse……I do freehand exercises to stay fit……I practise Alternate nostril breathing. Now I will add Ashwini Mudra…. Pls advise. Thank you!

    • NikitaMayuresh says:

      Yes, you can add Ashwini Mudra to your daily routine till you feel comfortable with it. Do it moderately and stay away from high intensity. If it causes any discomfort, stop doing it.

  5. Ranen Bhanjo (Male) says:

    Thank you very much. I have added Ashwini Mudra having received your specific advice. Kindly note that I have also added Alternate Nostril Breathing by now. I do all these in early morning with other freehand excercises. Shall get back to you with feedback.

  6. RAJENDRA says:

    Thank you very much for your nice information about Ashwini mudra

  7. Aruva says:

    Hi, Can I pracise this mudra with fistula issues ?

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